What is it?

Super: Money Saved During Your Working Life to Help Support Your Financial Needs When You Retire

Planning for your retirement is extremely important so you can continue to enjoy a lifestyle you worked so hard for. 

Superannuation is money you specifically set aside, during your working years, in preparation for that time of your life. 

We are lucky enough to now have the Super Guarantee in Australia. This means that employers are required to pay a minimum 9.5% of an employee's wage into a superannuation account.

You can also contribute to your super in other ways, creating a larger nest egg for your retirement. 

Having appropriate advice on your superannuation is vital to a successful retirement plan. We will create a plan that sees you get as much benefit out of your superannuation as possible so you can achieve your retirement goals. 

One Piece of the Puzzle

Utilising Your Super When You Retire

Reaching an age of retirement does not mean your superannuation can't still generate income and increase in size.

Having a proper investment strategy is vital in making sure your retirement savings can last at the level you require to support your lifestyle. 

Things to consider when thinking about your superannuation:

  • Insurances
  • Tax benefits
  • Income streams
  • Allocated Pensions
  • Who do you want to leave it to? and how much?